We Are:

A people who love God and neighbor and live to serve and worship Jesus Christ;

A place to find reverent worship,

relevant for today,

yesterday and tomorrow;

A way of life, revealed in the Scriptures;
An open table, hosted by Jesus Christ;
An opportunity, to learn, serve and grow.

We are a church open to the public, reaching out to
the community, living in God's hope.


 Our Primary Beliefs

We affirm:

Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God, and offers saving grace to all.

The world is a good creation, though fallen from God's purpose.

Other beliefs and practices you will notice in the life of this congregation include:

Open Communion
    The Lord's Supper is celebrated at each service of worship and is open to all believers.

Baptism by Immersion
    In baptism we are joined to the one Body of Christ as sin dies and new life is born.  We do not practice re-baptism, as we affirm God's activity in all  baptisms.

Importance of Church Unity
         We believe in the importance of all Christians cooperating in ministry wherever possible, affirming each other as sisters and brothers in Christ.

The Ministry of all Believers
         Both ministers and lay persons lead worship, direct service opportunities and nurture spiritual growth.

Freedom of Belief
          Disciples are called together around one essential of faith: belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.