Children's Sunday School


Our clean and inviting nursery is available for children ages infant to four years old.


What We Do In The Nursery:

Here in the nursery at Central Christian Church, we do lots of fun and exciting things. We read bible stories and do lots of art projects that go along with the bible story of the day. We sing songs and have several centers where our children play together. Playing in the sand and sidewalk chalk are always a favorite thing for our children to do. We invite all children up to age four to visit us in the nursery.

Grades 5-12:  

The casual setting for this class creates an environment where our youth can discuss faith, values, the Bible and many issues important to their generation. Currently this group is examining being a teenage Christian in a secular world. They meet in the education building high school room.

 Worship & Wonder, Grades K- 4

This group is headed up by Nancy James and is lead by a group of trained congregation members on a rotating basis. They meet in the education building on the 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month during our worship hour.

 What EXACTLY Is Worship and Wonder?

Worship and Wonder is a montessori infulenced program which offers children the opportunity to hear Bible stories told using  multi-sensory tools and then to form responses to the stories out of their own life experiences.  Children learn the meaning of church tratiditons and learn to prepare for participation in the church's worship traditions and practices.

Children also are given the opportunity to choose the ways in which they interact with the stories and so learn self esteme and character building skills such as sharing and respect for others. 

This program is often effective with children that have learning disabilities, physical handicaps and attention deficit problems.