After You Believe, N.T. Wright

A History of Heaven, Jeffrey Burton Russell

Good News for Anxious Christians, Philip Cary

Atheist Delusions, David Bentley Hart

The Book of Daniel

Empires of Trust: How Rome Built, and America is Building, A New World,  Thomas Madden

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The Jesus Wars, Jesus Wars

Jesus Through the Centuries, Jaroslav Pelikan

The Luminous Dusk, Dale Allison, Jr.

Theology in Rabbinic Stories

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The Real Jesus, Luke Timothy Johnson

Getting the Reformation Wrong, James R. Payton

The Spirit of Early Christian Thought, Robert Louis Wilken

The St. John's Bible

Upside: Surprising Good News About the State of Our World, Bradley R.E. Wright

Surprised by Hope, N.T. Wright

The Victory of Reason,  Rodney Stark