Rutherford Co. Food Bank

The Rutherford County Emergency Food Bank was organized in 1979 to meet the needs of the people of Rutherford County. It operates out of the McFadden Community Center at 211 Bridge Avenue. The Food Bank hours are 10:00 AM until 2:30 PM, Monday thru Friday, and is closed for Legal Holidays.

People mess up for all kinds of reasons. Their parents, maybe. Some other person of responsibility. Maybe it's an unacknowledged disability. People get the wrong messages from the media. Sometimes people mess up because, hey, they're people! You and I've been there, haven't we? But if your parents, and their parents, and their parents were all successful, resourceful, "comfortable," you had somebody to bail you out. But sometimes, if you're on your own, and your husband or your wife took off, or got sent to jail, or died, and left you with the kids, things can get tight. Things can stay tight. And then you learn that you better ask for help. There are some organizations and groups of people in Tennessee that reach out to others and one of the best is the Rutherford County Food Bank. This is not a government agency, don't be fooled by the name. They receive lots of little grants etc., some from quasi-governmental agencies, USDA cheese program, United Way, and the like. But their mainstay is you and people like you in churches around the community. They've got enough Green Beans (there's always enough Green Beans as anyone who's ever volunteered at a Food Bank knows), but here's suggestions from their website:


Canned and packaged non-perishable items
Meat, eggs, and other refrigerated or frozen items


Toiletries, shampoos, etc.
Cleaning supplies, washing liquids, etc.


To purchase additional food for emergency use
For equipment to meet other special needs
For basic operation costs

We receive non perishable items here and deliver them but if you want to take refrigerated/frozen items, they're at 211 Bridge Avenue and open from 10 AM to 2:30 PM M-F. You can call (615) 895-1148 to confirm what they might need.


Drop off your non-perishable items or checks each week at church.