Small Groups

 Small Group Ministries

 The Small Group is the natural embodiment of human relatedness. John Wesley's "classes" were a small group. The twelve disciples were a small group. The military platoon is a small group.The small group enables us to engage and enjoy the "other" without being overwhelmed by more "relatedness" than we have time for. In a small group you can know not only everyone's name, but also his or her traits, preferences, quirks, beliefs, pet peeves, etc.    Small Groups are a more effective vehicle for right-sized tasks because the pitfalls of human communication errors are more easily avoided. 

 Churches need small groups and we are attempting to expand beyond the traditional; the Sunday School Class, the choir, the women's group, the youth group.  We're expanding the opportunities to be in a small group aimed at mission, personal growth, service, or fellowship. Each group will have some things in common. Each will meet on a regular schedule, in addition to its possible task activities. Each meeting will begin with a time of prayer, acknowledging our dependence on God and the purpose he has given our group. Each group will ask for a commitment of participation from those who wish to join, and the group itself will be time limited; that is, from the beginning, members will know how long a period they are committing for. At the end of that period, each group will have the option of ceasing activity, or perhaps re-starting with a new window for new members to join.