Elders/Deacons and Elder's Schedule


Chair- Roger Osborne

Vice Chair- Brenda Jarman

Secretary- Mike Martin

Meredith Akkerman

Mike Akkerman

Hal Beasley

Joe Garrison

Jim Jarman

Sharon Matheny

Carty Roberts

Charlye Williams

David Wilson 

Nancy James

Wally Cook 

Elder Emeritus:

Darlene Bowman

Bill Hollingsworth

Joanne Hollingsworth

Carolyn Wilson

Kay Woodfin 


Gunther Prehn (Arch-Deacon)

Bill Dolan

Eben Frizzell

Pam (Bo) Frizzell

Edward Hamner

Bill Harrell

Peggy Harrell

Nelia Odom


Elder's Scheduled Meetings

Sunday meetings (second Sunday each month) at 8:30 a.m. in Pastor’s Sunday School Classroom:  

January 10th

March 14th

June 13th

July 11th

September 12th

November 14th

December 12th  (meeting to elect 2022 Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary).  


Currently, we are NOT scheduled to meet in April and May.   

Deacon Worship Servant Schedule 


January Nelia Odom and Bill Dolan

February Pam Frizzell and Eben Frizzell

March TBA

April Peggy Harrell and Bill Harrell

May TBA and Bill Dolan

June   Nelia Odom and TBA

July  Pam Frizzell and Eben Frizzell

August Peggy Harrell and Bill Harrell

September    TBA and Nelia Odom

October Bill Dolan and TBA

November Pam Frizzell and Eben Frizzell

December Peggy Harrell and Bill Harrell

Elder Serving at the Table Schedule

2/7      Mike Martin and Nancy James

2/14    Meredith Akkerman and Mike Akkerman

2/21    Charley Williams and Wally Cook

2/28    Roger Osborne and Sharon Matheny

3/7      Nancy James and Mike Martin

3/14    Mike Akkerman and Meredith Akkerman

3/21    Wally Cook and Charley Williams

3/28    Sharon Matheny and Roger Osborne

4/4      Mike Martin and Nancy James

4/11    Meredith Akkerman and Mike Akkerman

4/18    Charley Williams and Wally Cook

4/25    Roger Osborne and Sharon Matheny

5/2      Mike Martin and Nancy James

5/9      Mike Akkerman and Meredith Akkerman

5/16   Wally Cook and Charley Williams


* If you are unable to serve on the dates, indicated, please call someone to serve in your place or e-mail the group requesting someone to fill in. Please let the church office know of the change as soon as possible.

**At the end of the Sunday service, the elder who prays for the bread should move immediately to the elevator to assist those who are leaving that exit. The elder who prays for the wine should move immediately after the worship service to the Maney Avenue doors and assist the departure of those who choose to exit through those doors. 

*** The elders scheduled to serve in church on the first Sunday of each month also deliver Communion to shut-ins that afternoon. Members of the diaconate can/will accompany you. 


(615) 893-2764


404 East Main Street

Murfreesboro, TN 37130


Sunday Services

Sunday School       9:30 AM

Worship                  10:45 AM

Student Ministry    12:00 PM

Evening Class          5:30 PM