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Shepherding Groups

Group 1:

Elders- Hal Beasley, Joe Garrison, Mike Martin and 

                Sharon Matheny

Diaconate Support- Myra Beasley, Eben Frizzell, 

                                    Pam Frizzell, and Beverly Henley

Beverly Anderson

Arvel and Barbara Atkins

Hal and Myra Beasley

          Elizabeth Beasley

Eben and Pam (Bo) Frizzell

Ellen Garrison

Betty C. Gerlach

Ann Hagerman

Jim and Beverly Henley

Bill and Joanne Hollingsworth 

Linda L. and Phillip Johnson

Mike and Gabrielle Martin

Nicole Martin

Sharon Matheny

Jean Penrod

Mary Sexton 

John and Jo Sexton

Group 3:

Elders- Jim & Brenda Jarman,  & David Wilson 

Diaconate Support- Bill Dolan, Gunther Prehn,                                                          and Edy Wilson

Ashley Jarman Castel

Bill Dolan

Dr. Michael Hooper

Dr. James and Brenda Jarman

Karen Luther

Steve and Nelia Odom

Cheryl Petrilli

Gunther and Jean Prehn

Carty Roberts

Mahala Smith

Zackery Tannery

David and Edy Wilson

           Jacob and Kayla Wison

Carolyn Wilson 

Group 2:

Elders- Mike Akkerman and Meredith Akkerman


Diaconate Support- Tom Haynes, Claire Mobley,

                                     and Virginia Beasley

Mike & Meredith Akkerman 

            Griffen & Jarod Akkerman

Lisa Beasley

           Virgina & Katherine Beasley

Denis  & Barbara Bekaert

           Jamie Bekaert

Wally & Cindy Cook

              Jacob Cook

Sissy Follis

Rev. Kyle Harris

                Austin and Julia Harris

Tom & Margaret Haynes

Claire Mobley

Roger & Gretchen Osborne

               Riley & Reese Osborne

Carol Tollerson

Kay Woodfin 



Group 4:

Leaders- Wally Cook and Roger Osborne

Diaconate Support: Edward Hamner, Tommye Latham, 

                                    and Debbie Williams

Darlene Bowman

Teri Darr

Alicia Fawley

Karen Gerlach

Julia and Edward Hamner

Tommye and Erika Latham

Mary Edith McFarlin

Timothy McGhee

Rev. Barbara Means

David and Nancy James

                 Brandon James

Karen and Pat Parris

Charles Phipps

Susan Turner

Charley and Debbie Williams

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