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Student Ministry

Spreading the light of Christ to our church, our communitry,  and the world through innovative and creative ways!


Bethany Hills Church Camp

Bethany Hills Camp and Conference Center is a 300-acre parcel located in the rolling hills of Cheatham and Dickson Counties. Bethany Hills is "Holy Ground." Not only does the magnificent landscape offer a beautiful picture of God's creative genius in Middle Tennessee, but the spiritual atmosphere around the Chapel by the Lake, the Upper Room, the campfire area, and fellowship and study areas provide a "beautiful view" of God's presence and love. Participants grow as Christians, returning to their daily lives renewed and responsive to the challenge of living faithfully. The camp has a recreation hall, a swimming pool, a ball field, hiking trails, and a good '‘ole fashioned fishing hole.’’ At the heart of Bethany Hills is the Lodge with a wonderful meeting and gathering room and dorm-style sleeping rooms. (phone) 615-952-9184

1080 Bethany Hills Rd, Kingston Springs, TN 37082

Camp Dates for Summer 2023

                                                            Discovery Camp (Grades K-2)                                     May 30th-June 1st

                                                           *Kindergarten and 1st Grade Campers must be accompanied by an adult

                                                            JR Camp (Grade 3-5)                                                     May 30th- June 2nd

                                                            Chi Rho Camp (Grades 6 & 7)                                      July 23rd- 27th


                                                            Eighters Camp (Grade 8)                                              June 11th- 17th


                                                           CYF Camp (Grade 9-12)                                                 June 5th- 10th

                                                          Post High Weekend (1st and 2nd Year of College)    July 14th-16th

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