Worshiping God and sharing the love of Christ at the corner of Maney and East Main!


The unique nature of our worship service includes weekly communion and the taking of an offering. This means we have to take some steps to be careful with the items involved. The Elders will still pray at the Table, but the trays are on a smaller table at the front of the sanctuary. Individuals may come forward to take a wafer from a plastic cup in one tray, and a cup of juice from another tray, dropping both empty cups in a receptacle by the table before returning to their seats. Worshipers may line up to receive communion, but are encouraged to stay distanced from one another while in line.


The deacons go around with offering plate, but you need not touch the plate, as they hold on to the plate while donors place gifts.


There is hand sanitizer in the room for you to use on arrival and departure at your discretion, and the elevator is open, though we encourage you to ride only with family members in the elevator.


My class on Sunday evening has moved over to the basement for the time being to have a little more room to spread out. The elevator will be open for each class. The Sunday evening class at 5:30 continues in the basement and the Hebrews Bible Study continues in the parlor, Mondays at 6:30 PM. The Sunday morning class at 9:30, is studying Matthew, in the regular room, with a smaller group.


Our custodian, Roger Osborne, is keeping the facilities clean each week between gatherings.


For those not yet ready to return, the church now has a YouTube account, Central Christian Church DOC Murfreesboro. Look for that name in the search box. We’ve had some donations to buy better camera and recording equipment, and Mike Martin is operating the system and uploading to Youtube as quickly as he’s able to while working full time and different warehouses around the country. Audio is also available at

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Please be our guest and explore our site to learn about us and the opportunities available to experience the love of God through a relationship with his son Jesus Christ in this place


Our Student Ministry is always searching for new and innovative ways to show the Light of Christ to each other, our church, and our community.  


We are called by our Lord to share his love in Worship, Service, and Communion with each other, our community, and the world.

Come join us and find what is missing in the world today.........