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Outreach Ministries will include programs which reach out beyond the congregation to impact our community and the wider church by 1) participating in local community ministries; 2) participating in programs supported by Christian Church – Disciples of Christ in the local, state, region, national, or global communities; and 3) collaborating with other denominations of faith communities from local to global that allows each of us as a servant of Christ to fulfill his commandment to love your neighbor as yourself. 

Coldest Nights/Hot Patrol

Central Christian will participate in the Coldest Nights Program sponsored by Journey Home and the Cold Patrol Division of the Murfreesboro City Police Department.  First Baptist Church will house the men and St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will house the women  on nights the temperature reaches 32 degrees or lower.  We will provide the meals on designated night(s) in months where the temperature is 32 degrees or below.  To sign up to assist or provide items for the meal please click here!

During the summer months, our congregation donates bottled water to the Murfreesboro Rescue Mission which distributes to the homeless in our community when the temperature is 90 degrees or above. 

Journey Home

We support the Journey Home facility by volunteering as an individual or a group to preform various duties needed or donating funds and/or resources that will help the program to fulfill their mission to serve the homeless and disadvantaged of Rutherford County by helping rehouse and provide resources and relationships that encourage faith, economic stability, wholeness, and reintegration into community life. Click on this link to find out more. 

Domestic Violence Support Group

The Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center Mission:  At Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Center our mission is simple but powerful: to PROTECT victims, PREVENT violence, and EMPOWER survivors. We accomplish this by providing citizens of Rutherford County with the resources and assistance necessary to effectively deal with the personal, social, and legal implications of victimization by domestic violence and sexual assault.

Here at Central Christian Church we support the Domestic Violence Shelter through donations and item drives for toiletries. For more information on the Domestic Violence Shelter check out their website at:

Nourish Food Bank

The Rutherford County Nourish Food Bank hours are 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and is closed for Legal Holidays. 

We encourage members to purchase non-perishable food items plus other essential items such as paper towels, toilet paper, laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid, etc. Individual can bring items to the church to be delivered (deposit in Food Bank tubs located at the entrance of the Educational Building) or you can drop the items at the Nourish Food Bank facility on behalf of Central Christian Church. Click on the following link to find out more. 


To purchase additional food for emergency use
For equipment to meet other special needs
For basic operation costs

We receive non perishable items here and deliver them but if you want to take refrigerated/frozen items, they're at 1809 Memorial Blvd. and open from 10 AM to 2:00 PM Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can call (615) 203-3913 to confirm what they might need.

Housing, Health, and Human Services Alliance of Rutherford County (H3ARC)

The Housing, Health & Human Services Alliance of Rutherford County (H3ARC) is a 501(c)3 public charity committed to promoting and maintaining a safe community for the citizens of Rutherford County.  H3ARC member organizations support low income, elderly, homeless, formerly incarcerated and recovery court citizens with services to address physical health, mental health, housing, educational opportunities and job skills as well as other wrap around services. We are the local HUD organization authorized as the Continuum of Care agency (CoC) with the City as the collaborative partner.  Central Christian Church has a representative on the board and meets quarterly at the Murfreesboro City Hall Chambers. For more information and to access schedules for this group click here.  

Greenhouse Ministries

We support Greenhouse Ministries through donations of food and items for their programs. They offer multiple services to meet the needs of their clients by providing basic necessities, peer counseling, housing resources, basic health care, and classes that teach basic skills such as budgeting and cooking. 

For more information, check out their website at

Nashville Cares

Nashville Cares is a non-profit organization whose mission is to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Middle Tennessee.  They provide education, advocacy and support for those at risk for or living with HIV.  Central Christian picks up food bags from the Nashville Office and delivers the bags to Rutherford county clients qualifying for assistance from Nashville Cares. 

Individuals can also volunteer to help in other ways such as preparing food bags on designated days. Go to the Nashville Cares website to find out other ways to assist at the following link.

Project Transformation

The mission of Project Transformation is to transform communities by engaging children, college-age young adults and churches in purposeful relationships. Our congregation supports this summer program with volunteers and resources at designated locations in Murfreesboro. To learn more about Project Transformation please check out the following link

Isaiah House

The home is located in Murfreesboro and provides support for children waiting for foster care placement to reduce the trauma during the trasition and lightens the load for child welfare services to have more time to find a good placement for each child. We support Isaiah House through donations of requested clothing and other essential items when needed. 

Backpack Program

The Rutherford County Program provides food items to bridge the weekend gap during the school year for students who experience food inscurity at home. Our congregation provides the weekend bags for one of the Rutherford County Schools in our community. 

Habitat for Humanity

Our congregation participates in the "Walls of Faith" project where faith groups collaborate to build walls for a Habitat House. We currently collect donations through a Sunday School class to support Habitat. 


Disciples Mission Fund (DMF) brings the whole Church together, connecting us to the life-giving and life-saving work we have been called to do.  It also simplifies giving for congregations and individuals, providing a way to support the entire Church at once.  DMF-funded regional and general ministries offer opportunities for Disciples to serve as missionaries, attend college or seminary, advocate for the least of these, and so much more:

Easter Special Day Offering:  The Easter Special Day Offering supports most of the General Ministries of the Christian Church-Disciples of Christ.  These ministries operate across the United States and Canada as well as around the world.  Through care, service and advocacy for others, sharing resources, stories and worship, general ministries partner with regions to strengthen congregations for the mission of the Church.

Pentecost:  Gifts to the Pentecost Special Day offering supports the development and growth of new churches.  Fifty percent of the gift is given to the region in which it is given, designated for new church ministries.  The remainder supports Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation which is the general ministry leading the General Assembly’s new Church priority. 

Thanksgiving:  Fourteen colleges and universities, and seven theological institutions, receive direct support through the Thanksgiving Special Day Offering, furthering nurturing the relationship between our Church and educational institutions.  This offering provides scholarships and pastoral care to Disciples students at Disciples schools. 

Christmas:  The Christmas Special Day Offering directly supports regions in their mission to extend the ministry of Christ.  Regional ministries provide pastoral care and enrichment programs in 32 areas of the United States and Canada.  Regions are often known for their camp and conference programs, as well as the development and ordination of ministry candidates.  All gifts made to the Christmas Special Day Offering support the region in which they’re given. 

Special Mission Funds have two special offerings during the year:

Week of Compassion:  The Disciples witness in the face of natural or man-made disasters such as floods, hurricanes, fire, civil wars, poverty, and disease.  The Week of Compassion Offering is the only church-wide effort to provide general funding for the ministry.

Reconciliation Offering:  Through this offering the Disciples support programs and initiatives aimed at dismantling racism in our society. 

Blanket Sunday:  Donations given to Church World Service to transform communities around the globe in response to hunger, poverty, displacement and disaster. 

Blessing Box:  Women’s Ministries of the Christian Church – Disciples of Christ coordinate the Blessing Box program as a way to express gratitude for everyday blessings by giving to others.  Donations are given to the general mission of the Church and half of the donations going directly to the ministries carried out by Disciples women through International Disciples Women’s Ministries. 



(1080 Bethany Hills Road, Kingston Springs, TN  37082/615-952-9184)

Central Christian Church has traditionally support the programs and maintenance of Bethany Hills.  The Bethany Hills Camp and Conference Center is a 300-acre parcel located in the rolling hills of Cheatham and Dickson Counties.  Not only does the magnificent landscape offer a beautiful picture of God’s creative genius in Middle Tennessee, but the spiritual atmosphere around the Chapel by the Lake, the Upper Room, campfire area and fellowship and student areas provides a beautiful view of God’s presence and love.  Participants grow as Christians, returning to their daily lives renewed and responsive to the challenge of living faithfully.  The camp has a recreation hall, a swimming pool, ball field, hiking trails, and a good ole fashioned fishing hole.  At the heart of Bethany Hills is the Lodge with a wonderful meeting and gathering room and dorm-style sleeping rooms. 

Coat Drive

The congregation collects coats and accessories to keep warm (gloves, hats, scarves, socks, etc.) starting in November and runs through February.  Please contact Karen Gerlach for more information.

Little Free Library

A small depository is located near the sidewalk in front of the church where people in our community can “take a book and share a book.”  Members are encouraged to donate books in good condition to keep a supply to fill our “Little Library” when needed.


Utilities Support

Our congregation encourages members and people in our community to participate in two programs that help those who have difficulty paying their electric and/or water bill:

Project Help:  Individuals may contribute $1.00 per month, or more, to Project Help, and the contribution will be sent to an independent agency (such as Community Helpers) that will determine who should receive these special funds to help pay their electric bills.  For more information, log on to

Neighbor-4-Neighbor Bill Assistance Program:  This program gives you the opportunity to assist your neighbors who are having financial difficulties in paying their monthly water bills.  These needy recipients will be screened for eligibility by the Rutherford County Community Helpers agency.  For more information about this program, call us at 615-893-7225 or visit


Downtown Community Church Group

Churches, including Central Christian Church, located in the downtown area close to the Murfreesboro square meet throughout the year to share information concerning respective outreach programs and discuss how to coordinate efforts to have the most positive impact with individuals/families requiring assistance.   Our goal is support each other as we develop ways to help those in need.  Currently, there are 5 downtown churches that meet to reach that goal.   

Christian Colleges in Tennessee

 In an effort to help students get connected with Christian universities in Tennessee, the team has created a publication.

They've  specifically tailored it to online students because one in four college students are enrolled in online classes. Out of the 5.8 million online students in the U.S., 75% choose a college within 100 miles of their hometown.

Check out the following links for more information

Online Christian Degrees: 


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